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The Real Cause of Addiction

Broken Heart The Real Cause of Addiction

This is one of the best articles on addiction I’ve read in a long time.  It echoes what I have seen and experienced around attachment and safety the lengths to which humans will go to find comfort in their absence.  Continue reading

The Myth of Codependency

Holding Hands South Lake Union TherapyThe Myth of Codependency

“Dependency is not a holdover from childhood; it is constitutive of desire for a real other person.” – Stephen Mitchell.  (Author of, “Can Love Last: The Fate of Romance Over Time.)

Codependency is a term originally coined decades ago to describe the enabling relationships between addicts and those close to them.  It is still a valuable concept within that context but, unfortunately, codependency has become the cultural buzzword used to describe troubled relationships in all their myriad forms. Continue reading