I come to this field with a personal and work history rich in experience outside of the therapy world.

I was born and raised in the Northwest and have lived in Seattle for nearly three decades. I received my masters of arts in psychology from Seattle University.  S.U.’s existential-phenomenology program places equal emphasis on the fields of philosophy and psychology with a priority placed on ethics and social justice. The program balances academic rigor with practical experience. I completed my undergraduate work (B.A.) at Washington State University where I majored in communications with an emphasis in journalism. Art history is another of my interests and I’ve completed considerable course work in that field as well. I am a strong believer in lifelong learning which is one of the things that led me to this work. Outside of my work in-session, I am constantly reading and training to best address the wide variety of issues and personalities coming into my practice. I also believe it’s important for therapists to remain culturally and socially relevant and do my best to engage in experiences and knowledge outside the field as well.
I believe the best therapists are well-rounded and possess a variety of personal and work experience outside the field of psychotherapy.
My recent work history includes a number of years in marketing, sales, and business operations mostly in the field of fine dining. I also spent several years working in the social service sector here in Seattle. In addition to private practice, I worked for a year with the adult population at Sound Mental Health, one of the state’s largest community mental health organizations.

Over the years I have engaged in my own personal therapy for a variety of issues and have experienced an array of therapeutic styles. As a result, I have an understanding of how it feels to be “on the other side of the couch,” so to speak.

From 2011, until recently, I served on the board for Foster Kinship, a non-profit serving families fostering the children of relatives.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.)
Private Practice since 2013
Master’s in Psychology, Seattle University (Educated in Existential-Phenomenology)
Gestalt Therapy Training (Ongoing since 2019)
Trained EMDR Practitioner since 2018
Certified in Theme Centered Interaction from AMD Training and Coaching, the Netherlands (A group therapy approach aimed at social learning and personal development)
BA in Communication (Emphasis in Journalism) from Washington State University
TBRI Informed
Attachment Theory Informed
What has been wounded in a relationship must, after all, be healed in a relationship.
– Annie Rogers
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