I was born and raised in the Northwest and received my masters of arts in psychology from Seattle University.  S.U.’s existential-phenomenology program places equal emphasis on the fields of philosophy and psychology with a priority placed on ethics and social justice. The program balances academic rigor with practical experience.I completed my undergraduate work (B.A.) at Washington State University where I majored in communications with an emphasis in journalism.  Art history is another of my interests and I’ve completed considerable course work in that field as well.

I believe the best therapists are well-rounded and possess a variety of personal and work experience outside the field of psychotherapy. 

My recent work history includes a number of years in marketing, sales, and business operations mostly in the field of fine dining.  I also spent several years working in the social service sector here in Seattle.  In addition to private practice, I worked for a year with the adult population at Sound Mental Health, one of the state’s largest community mental health organizations. 

Over the years I have engaged in my own personal therapy for a variety of issues and have experienced an array of therapeutic styles. As a result, I have an understanding of how it feels to be “on the other side of the couch,” so to speak.

I currently serve as board vice president for Foster Kinship, a non-profit serving families fostering the children of relatives.



  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.)
  • Private Practice since 2013
  • Master’s in Psychology, Seattle University (Educated in Existential-Phenomenology)
  • Gestalt Therapy Training (Ongoing since 2019)
  • E.M.D.R. Training (Ongoing since 2019) 
  • Certified in Theme Centered Interaction from AMD Training and Coaching, the Netherlands (A group therapy approach aimed at social learning and personal development)
  • BA in Communication (Emphasis in Journalism) from Washington State University

“What has been wounded in a relationship must, after all, be healed in a relationship.”– Annie Rogers

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