South Lake Union Therapy, Julie Wilson, MA, LMHC

Therapeutic Approach

Asking questions is sometimes more important than having answers.

I come to this field with a personal and work history rich in experience outside of the therapy world.

I approach therapy as a dialogue in which we explore your thoughts, actions, feelings, experiences, and relationships.

I am conversational and non-judgmental while being analytical and intellectually informed. I strive to create an environment in which my clients can safely explore beyond the personal and social boundaries of what is “possible,” “permissible,” “accepted,” and “normal.”

I am sex positive, LGBTQ+ aware and multiculturally competent. I do not underestimate the impact of socio-cultural and political movements on the individual and the interplay between them and one’s inner life and relationships.

My primary goal in the therapeutic process is to actively assist you in reaching a better understanding of the underlying conflicts and meaning around your situation by helping you gain some objective distance around your concern in relation to your larger context. Self-awareness alone has complex positive effects. Change is only possible through this kind of understanding and acceptance of oneself.

I am currently conducting all my work virtually due to the fact that my therapy dog/pet is too old and sick to be left alone or to be brought to the office.  For those of you who may be skeptical of the efficacy of of virtual work as compared to in-person sessions, I can only address this based on my personal experience with my clients having worked in both settings for years at a time.  I have found that I am much more relaxed working from my home office.  As a result, I process content and dynamics much more quickly in real-time and, while I have always had the ability to see things through a variety of different "lenses," that process also now seems expedited, easier, and more comprehensive for me when working this way.   As for my client's  experiences, they also seem more relaxed especially in the beginning, as we navigate and establish the therapeutic relationship. (A time that can otherwise be fraught, awkward and pressured for not only them but sometimes me.)  Clients also seem more comfortable moving at their own pace while working virtually which has resulted in establishing greater levels of trust sooner, as they feel a more enhanced sense of control and safety.  Another benefit of working this way is that it allows me to feel as though my clients have invited me into their space rather than the other way around, again, helping them feel more control and comfort which is especially helpful for some of their more difficult work.  Having insight into one another's spaces fosters greater mutual intimacy.  I absolutely believe my clients are making much more progress in shorter times working with me virtually vs working face-to-face.  Another aspect of virtual work which results in better, faster, outcomes for my clients is my enhanced ability to be transparent and genuine more readily during sessions (traits I have always leveraged in my practice) The less formal atmosphere of my current situation allows me to share even more of myself and my emotions in service to my clients in ways that do not at all interfere with my professionalism or conscientious approach.  All that being said, I do realize there are those who feel they would benefit from being physically present with their therapist.  I absolutely respect this.  In fact, to be frank, I have often been surprised myself that even those clients for whom I thought virtual sessions might present an impediment to progress or might have a negative impact on our relationship have flourished. As have I. 

My practice is diverse and I draw from many different approaches and modalities as well as from my knowledge of art, literature, history, popular media, sociology and science, among other fields when approaching your specific concern and relating to your larger context. Identifying points of connection with clients is very important to me. I’m trained in E.M.D.R., which I have used to help clients deal with serious trauma and addictions as well as issues related to personal and professional development. I am also a sex-positive, kink aware therapist.

I work closely with prescribers to help me clients monitor and understand the effects of their medications and have a good working knowledge of many of the meds used to treat psychological and emotional distress. .

There is value in your suffering as well as your success. The therapeutic relationship is designed to help you decide how best to leverage all your experiences to allow you to move forward with more clarity and strength. We are not aiming for perfection. We are aiming for the growth that comes with the flexibility found in vulnerability, authenticity and self awareness.


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making
the darkness conscious
– C.G. Jung
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