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South Lake Union Therapy

Is my private psychotherapy practice located near South Lake Union, the Denny Triangle and the Amazon campus.
For years, I’ve primarily worked with clients in big tech and startup and have unique understanding of both spaces that encompasses both depth and breadth. I work with a variety of professionals from other fields as well which includes those in the creative realm.

I work with adults on a wide range of issues including the following areas of focus:

When we experience crisis and stress beyond what we feel we can effectively handle, we tend to revert back to coping tools we developed long ago to deal with childhood adversity. Many of these once helpful tools may be outdated, not entirely relevant to our current situation, and need to be updated. You may find your coping style is negatively affecting your relationships, your work, your emotional state, or your health.

I think it’s important that we first understand and honor the older tools that once served you well and allowed you to get where you are today. This is part of the greater process toward identifying and implementing more practical skills that will allow you to effectively react to the present rather than the past. These new skills will allow you greater flexibility in weathering adversity and the ability to actualize your authentic wishes and desires in all areas of your life.

Making the decision to seek therapy can be difficult all on it’s own. The idea of sharing your story and your emotions with a stranger is intimidating. You also may be wondering if what you are going through warrants therapy or if the process can even help. If you feel what you are experiencing is adversely affecting your life and is keeping you from reaching your goals, then it’s a problem worthy of dedicated focus.

It may also be that you feel you can’t be helped because your problems are too insurmountable or complicated. Support, empathy, honest dialogue and a clear-sighted, outside, perspective from a professional with the right experience can help you better understand and work through your unique situation.

Therapy can be useful even if you aren’t experiencing difficulty but would like to work on personal discovery or self-improvement.

Whether you are trying to change your path, are recovering from past trauma, or weathering current hardship, I can help you discover meaning and assist you in achieving the life you want.

I also work with those experiencing the following obstacles and conflicts, among others:
Anxiety and Panic
Guilt and Shame
Mood Swings
Uncontrollable Anger
Feelings of emptiness and
Obsessions and Compulsions
Self Doubt
Grief and Loss
Negative Thinkings
Family Issues
Unwanted Thoughts
"In the real world, there is no nature vs nurture argument, only an infinitely complex and moment by moment interaction between genetic and environmental effects."
– Gabor Mate


Work Burnout

Work burnout is characterized by low energy, low involvement, and low efficacy. It's caused by chronic mismatches between employees and their work in some or all of the following six areas of work-life; workload, control, rewards, community, fairness, and value.

The Narcissistic Family

Narcissism is a clinical term that can serve as a useful shorthand but it does not begin to convey the underlying nuances and complexities that can greatly differ from the way it's commonly understood.

Psychedelic Therapy

While I don't offer psychedelic therapy, I'm very aware of the great potential for therapeutic...