Med Support

South Lake Union Therapy Med Management

Although I’m not a prescriber, my education and experience have made me very good at
recognizing those clients who may benefit from psychopharmaceuticals and those who would

That being said, I never pressure clients into making the decision to try pharmaceutical
treatment but I do inform them around what to expect from many of the meds prescribed for a
variety of conditions as well as what to expect when meeting with a prescriber.

For those clients who have chosen medications, I partner effectively with their prescribers to
help my them track and manage their prescriptions and their psychological and physical

I, myself, take psych meds and know firsthand what it feels like to be on the other side of this

I try to encourage clients who would benefit from medications to please see someone
specializing in prescribing for psychological conditions. These prescribers have knowledge of
a depth and breadth that far surpasses that of most primary care providers.

I’m happy to help my clients connect with the appropriate prescriber for their particular needs.

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