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Gaslighting. Are you a Victim?

Gaslighting has become a hot topic lately, largely as a result of the current state of politics and the media.  We live in a time where facts have almost become irrelevant to the point that we are becoming disoriented on a national level.  What is playing out in this larger context is not an uncommon occurrence in many unhealthy relationships.   Continue reading

The Real Scoop on Narcissism from Cause to Lived Experience

Narcissism South Lake Union TherapyIn our culture, the term naricissist is used often, informally and carries a pejorative connotation.  Jari Chevalier’s podcast, Living Hero, examines narcissism from all angles and provides a more humanistic perspective on the clinical meaning of the word. Continue reading

Narcissism vs The Healthy Self

NarcissusNarcissism vs The Healthy Self


“Vanity and narcissism- the compulsive need to be admired and praised- undermines one’s courage, for one then fights on someone else’s conviction rather than one’s own.”- Rollo May

Self-esteem, sense-of-self and ego are all terms used to describe oneself as distinct from the world and others.  It is the opinion a person has about themselves.

Psychological health hinges on a healthy sense of self which is formed in infancy and early childhood.  When all parts of ourselves are accepted during this period of development, not just the ones prized by society or our culture we, in turn, develop the ability to accept all aspects of ourselves and to tolerate our imperfections. Continue reading