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When Willpower Isn’t Enough- A New Freakanomics Radio Podcast

When Willpower Isn't EnoughIn this podcast, Katherine Milkman, an assistant professor at the Wharton School at Penn, applies some of her findings on the topic of behavioral economics to human psychology.  She discusses two ideas that are not new but may be of some use to certain people struggling to achieve goals. Continue reading

Neurosis and Human Growth-Avoidance

Neurosis and Human GrowthNeurosis and Human Growth- Avoidance

Karen Horney’s book is like a road map of the human psyche, detailing the ways in which we compensate for damage to the self.  Her explanation of avoidance, which I’ve included below, is probably the best I’ve come across. It can apply to work, relationships, social situations and thoughts and can go unrecognized or be felt as life threatening as in the case of phobias.  I recommend this book to both clients and colleagues. 

Continue reading

Breaking the Shame Cycle

shameBreaking the Shame Cycle

Unlike guilt, where one feels one has DONE something bad, shame is the feeling that one IS bad.  Because shame is internalized and attached to our very way of being-in-the-world rather than being circumstantial we, as humans, have developed elaborate and deeply entrenched strategies aimed at minimizing its pain. Continue reading