Do you google your shrink

I am pretty comfortable with self-disclosure so the information in this New York Times article isn't one of my main concerns (knock on wood) but it's interesting nonetheless. I can see the pros and cons of clients having access to more information about their therapist but I'm wondering what effect this will have on more traditional practitioners or those who are not comfortable with this level of transparency.  The internet is definitely changing the nature of the therapeutic relationship.

Do You Google Your Shrink?


  April 4, 2015 3:32 pm

I knew my psychiatric practice was forever changed the day a patient arrived with a manila folder stuffed with printouts and announced that it contained the contents of a Google search that he had done on me. He pulled out a photo of my mother and me, age 7, that had been published in my hometown newspaper; architectural plans for an addition to my house that was never built but apparently was registered locally by the architect; an announcement about my great-grandfather’s becoming editor of Amazing Stories magazine in his old age; and my brother’s history as a college activist.  (See below for a link to the full article.)