Workplace Bullying

Bullying is just one of the causes of psychological trauma in the workplace- although one of the largest.  U.S. researchers have recognized the problem for some time but are only just starting to understand the bigger picture of work stress and trauma and its effect on people.  Other countries such as Sweden, Australia and the U.K. have recognized the problem for much longer.  This is a U.S. article from Forbes, but I'll continue to post global articles on this topic to raise awareness of, what I believe, is a dangerous and growing epidemic in the professional world.

Are Workplace Bullies Rewarded For Their Behavior?

As a longtime hotel manager for upscale resorts across the U.S., Sandrine had spent her career believing that good service was the key to success. That included being courteous to your guests—and to your co-workers. Which is why the company’s latest “star” employee, Russ, confounded her. He’d been hired as a bellman at the Northeast beach resort she was currently assigned to and in less than a year had worked his way up to associate manager, earning a promotion (and, she knew, a healthy raise) above her. She’d been with the company for nearly 10 years.   Read Full Article...