Book Recommendations

Of all the books I have read recently, these are my favorites.

What I liked most about Coming Apart is the author's framing of "failed" relationships not as failures but as developmental tools which promote growth and awareness.

Coming Apart South Lake Union Therapy

Don't let the title fool you.  This book is more than a guide to improving romantic relationships.  It explains mindfulness and meditation through the lens of the latest thinking in neuroscience. Mindfulness practice can help with anxiety, addiction, self awareness, trauma, memory and self esteem just to name a few.  If you've always hated the idea of meditating or found it a confusing prospect, this book is for you!  The author includes a number of great meditation exercises suitable for almost anyone.

Rewire Your Brain for Love South Lake Union Therapy

This is a great book for trauma survivors and anyone interested in the field of trauma work.  Through the use of personal narratives, the author explores the key elements that contribute to the physical and psychic resilience of those who experience horrific events.  I would also recommend this book for anyone who is trying to weather lesser hardships such as the end of a relationship or work trauma.
Surviving Survival South Lake Union Therapy