Therapeutic Approach

I approach therapy as a dialogue in which we explore your thoughts actions, feelings, experiences and relationships.

I am conversational and non-judgmental while being analytical and intellectually informed and strive to create an environment in which my clients can safely explore beyond the personal and social boundaries of what is “possible,” “permissible,” “accepted,” and “normal.”

My primary goal in the therapeutic process is to actively assist you in reaching a better understanding of the underlying conflicts and meaning around your situation by helping you gain some objective distance around your concern in relation to your larger context.  Self-awareness alone has complex positive effects.  Change is only possible through this kind of understanding and acceptance of oneself.

My practice is diverse and I draw from many different approaches and modalities as well as from my knowledge of art, literature, history, popular media, sociology and science, among other fields when approaching your specific concern and relating to your larger context. Identifying points of connection with clients is very important to me. I’m trained in E.M.D.R., which I have used to help clients deal with serious trauma as well as issues related to personal and professional development. I am also a sex-positive, kink aware therapist.

In addition, I have a good working knowledge of many of the medications used to treat psychological and emotional distress and often work closely with prescribers to help my clients monitor and understand the effects of their medications.

There is value in your suffering as well as your success.  The therapeutic relationship is designed to help you decide how to leverage all your experiences to allow you to move forward with more clarity and strength. We are not aiming for perfection.  We are aiming for the growth that comes with the flexibility found in vulnerability, authenticity and self awareness.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” -C.G. Jung


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